Character info/ Intro: Evrin Cica, or Ashoun Cicero Kasparian, grew up in a small town after his parents moved to the US. They didn't have much since the journey to america was an unforgiving trek. To deal with the fact that he didn't have much growing up Evrin spent most of his time outside. Since Evrin's parents didn't have much back where they originated, they put high expectations on Evrin to be the best. This lead to a toxic relationship between his parents, but bloomed a wholesome relationship between Evrin, and an old lady he calls his grandmother (they're not blood related. He met her after running away from home). Some other hardships ensued as he grew up, dealing with gender dysphoria, and being labeled the "weird kid" for liking bugs/ generally not fitting in. Eventually in college he was able to get away from his parents, and change his identity. He went on to become an entomologist, but his greed would be the downfall of his job. Luckily for him, his love for science, and creepy crawlies sparked the creation of 'Evrin Cica'.

Story info: The 'story' for this character is pretty vague. Evrin escapes the old company he worked for, and tunneled under his house to create a large underground laboratory. With the growing innovation of technology, and his own creativity, Evrin starts to make elaborate rooms along with unexplainable horrors while he's in his self sustainable lab. This is where he takes care of all his specimens, tends to his employees, but most of all he delves into the infinite expanse of his own mind to create his own little world. This means leaving behind his old simple life of working as an entomologist, hanging out with friends at local shows, and basically abandon the human aspects of his life. He is spiraling into madness while lingering the halls of his lab, but at least he is happy while doing so.

My Inspo: not gonna lie he just appeared out of thin air for me when I was thinking of new character designs. I love cicadas, cool looking scientist characters who lose their mind to their craft, and just a sprinkling of things I wanted to explore while making a new character. I origionally was going to keep him relatively human with just some things messed up about him, but then I started to think that would defeat the purpose of Evrin being a crazy scientist who experimented on himself to accomplish his outlandish goals. So, I leaned heavier into the bug characteristics, but most importantly the aspect that he is a 'living display case'. The idea behind him is like an artist putting a part of themselves into their work, but playing with the idea of what if they become it? We pour ourselves so much into what we love that we become it in some ways. Pouring so much of yourself into your craft can make you lose yourself sometimes, so that's something else to watch out for. I'm still thinking of my purpose for him... other than what I've said, I just really love him!

TL;DR:I was gonna wait a day to let my mind rest before I add more info, but then I realized the bricks of text most likely will not be read. I'll make the info easier to read (hopefully)

Name: Evrin Cica/ Ashoun Cicero Kasparian

Age: 26

pronouns: He/They

Birthday: June 9th, gemini

occupation: Entomologist/ scientist/ artist

-Armanian/ African american (mixed)

-Agender (trans, FTM)

apperance: 5ft 10in tall humanoid with extensive body modifications. 4 arms, antenna, scarred/ discolored skin, built like a brick/ dad bod, cicada wings where his ears used to be, cicada abdomen as a 'tail' that stores his organs, cool display case where his actual abdomen is so he can display his bugs, stiches all over from experimenting on himself, more experiment than human by this point

side note: he has a simple, but kind of artsy style. I want his clothes to be age appropriate for him, but I'll most likely dress him up however ngl. He likes to make his own clothes, and dress in a practical way for when he goes outside. Since he spent most of his time outside he picked up things like naturally dying his clothes with berries, sewing, etc. He mostly accessorizes with his glasses, hair pins/ jewelry, necklaces, and earrings.

personal skills: patient, persuasive, flexible, good listener, resilient

hobbies: foraging/ outdoor activities, being a bookworm, playing with bugs, playing on his (com)pooter, being silly, sewing/ crocheting, art

likes: drums/ instrumental music, band/ graphic tees, painting, keeping himself busy with all the things he wants to do, his boyfriend Casey, bugs, theorizing/ sciencey things

dislikes: pollution/ the corruption of man, dealing with new social situations, driving, when something malfunctions in his lab, closed minded people, disorganized or obnoxious people

I might add more in the future when I can think about what to share about him, but this is it for now!