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Lamby Azlin Retae


Info on 'bby girl'

said I wouldn't change his design too much when I redesign them... whoops

Character info: A god that can answer people's prayers by guiding them in their dreams. He is the shepherd to his lost sheep, but realistically, he is the devil that leads the lambs to their slaughter. A god who was once so gracious to his subjects has turned his back on mankind. He saw the true nature of man when he disguised himself in people's dreams to find out more about them. He decides to stay in contact with these flawed beings only for his own entertainment. He hates all living beings, but there are a few exceptions that save them from his wrath. A being that was cast away and discarded by man means he will care for the damned souls damaged by others. His other exception would be if you are truly devoted to him, but he may use you as his puppet. Some mortal souls are too filthy to save.

Age: immortal

Species: Beulah speckled faced sheep

Gender: Agender/Genderfluid

Pronouns: He/Any

Personality: sarcastic, manipulative, two faced, 'Like a genie who grants your wish in a dream, but if you don't answer in the right way. It could lead to your dreams becoming your worst nightmare'~

Abilities: Shapeshift, join people's dreams, 'grant wishes, and cause hallucinations.

Likes: rotten meat, jewels, harvesting dreams

Dislikes: greedy people, 'unfun individuals', and dull dreams

Character Inspo: I've always liked the pokemon 'Musharna'. A creature infinitely sleeping after consuming the dreams of others. The cloud-like mist that emits from this god's body can create hallucinations that the god can manipulate. He love's to play games and cause a bit of chaos. I also like to draw a bit of inspo from 'Discord' from MLP. I haven't drawn too much inspo that directly translates into this god, but they come to mind when making him.

extra notes

-Since it's not seen in his ref. He has heterochromia. Left eye is gree, and his right eye is red.

-The stars on the far right are meant to be his colors. dark blue, reddish orange, orangish red, orange, yellow, white, and black.

-Forgot to color it in. His left paw/ hoof is meant to be reddish orange.

-his muzzle isn't meant to be orange. I was just easily distracted on a discord call when I colored that in lol

-Forgot to point this out!! The dark stripes in his hair are dark blue ribbons


Hope you're proud of how far Lamby has come Grace <3

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