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Muriel Gamble

plants for my mutant baby
his unofficial ref
headshot of Muriel

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Muriel gamble was the first creation I made when I started doing digital work back in march 2024 (roughly). I wasn't sure if I'd keep him around as a reoccuring character, but I have a bad habit of just making characters, and then doing nothing with them. In an effort to be consistent with my art, and my characters I decided to keep him! I'll try to type up some lore, but for now he's just a side/ new fursona, I think.

Muriel gamble is a walking contradiction. His canine appearance and devotion to the Lord signal him as a loyal devotee to the divine. Though the mysterious symbols on his back and the bone horns that protrude from his head hint at something more sinister. Someone who should be loyal to the gods bites the hand that feeds him in a gamble for power. This wretched act earned him the title of "abomination," and he is damned to a disgusting, sinful form. Nothing can rid him of the curse he was gifted from the gods, and he is reminded of his folly every day by the mysterious mouth that whispers to him in a tongue that cannot be comprehended by creatures like him.