Character Info: A lone merchant that transverses distant lands to sell his wares to anyone who dares to browse his selection. He has everything from homemade goods to items of interest he has acquired on his travels. He even takes special requests depending on the item you want him to sniff out, and the price you're willing to pay. He also does entertainment on the side, but the price ranges vary depending on the service. Roambul (or Raombul, depends on how people remember it) is quite popular for one of the strangest oddities in his odd shop. He has a special genetic mutation that makes him grow more teeth than what's necessary. The story on why he decided to pickle his teeth and sell them is a bit hard to follow if you ask him. It's best to buy a jar and just try it for yourself. Try not to ask him many questions, and especially don't ask about the moth covering his face. There's a reason the eyes follow your every move while this charming bard chats with you. He himself would just say he got into a 'tragic accident', and his 'good fellow' (the moth on his face) is only there to be his eyes. Anything further may leave the merchant with a new oddity in his shop and another missing poster posted in town. If you'd like to keep this from happening to you. I advise you avoid this charming fellow at all cost.


height: 6ft 3in

bday: August 6th

likes: jewels, nice clothes, moths, light sources, the night

dislikes: the day, anyone trying to touch his moth, questions about the moth, stingey customers, being touched

occupation: merchant and dancer



character inspo: Ngl I don't remember why I made this oc back in the day. I just knew I liked borzoi's and moths, so I put them together. When I revamped her I still had a similar situation where I don't why why I made this charater. I love character design where I just make things & love the look of them. Maybe I'll weave a nice story for her and my other character's in the future. I just know they're all doing their own things... I can put all the furries together, but I believe Evrin is his own stand alone character where he has his own thing I have concocting for him. He's the one I mainly thought about hence my 30 page paper on him lmao. I will give these babes more love tho!! I just gotta figure out how...

thank you for reading!!!

also gimme awhile I might put a background for the text bc I can understand its hard to read lol. My carpel tunnel is just hella bad lately